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. america, what have i been say something let's just call it a show. >> yeah, let's go home. have some turkey. >> it won't happen if the banks don't have earnings. >> but they do. >> can i have a last question? what does this mean for investors? >> growth is recovering. we're moving the right direction. the most important number is claims. the big question, is it a sustainable recovery. at the same time, i would argue that inflation pressures are muted with 10% unemployment, so i think it's a fairly positive environment, generally for risk assets. >> thank you very much for that. what an honor to have both of you in the studio. >> and getting along. >> they did sit at opposite ends of the desk. >> don't get used to it. >>> coming up, we're going to check the pulse of the american consumer again. tiffany is coming back. >>> but first, how to avoid black friday. cyber monday and maybe get some shopping down. qvc is launching a new initiative to do just that. we'll tawith the president and ceo. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ (announcer) some people just know how to build things well. give y
., citigroup, bank of america. the airlines have been positive all throughout the morn ing. maybe just on the fact that oil seems to be topping out. the international air transportation association made comments a few days ago on stronger air transportation. finally the steel stocks also having a great day. goldman sachs made positive comments on the overall group and upgraded u.s. steel. catalyst is simple. they think steel prices have bottomed, the chinese are active and the weak dollar will help steel. >> most of the stocks are down. the verdict is kind of mixed on the weekend. shoppers were clearly out in full force for black friday weekend. they were lured by big bargains. according to the national federation of retailers traffic was up better than 13% but shoppers surveyed spent about 8.5% less than last year. shopper track estimates friday's sales were up half a percent. the nrf says total spending for black friday weekend was flat at $41 billion. still, they saw signs of pent up consumer demand. >> there's a good deal of frugal fatigue for the consumer. they've done a great job
, gdp grew more slowly. so what does this mean for the economy and america's road to recovery? let's ask -- and rick santelli has also joined us, too. how sensitive are you to the data coming through? we've also got a bond option this afternoon. it's a busy old day. >> it is a busy day. sensitive. i think it doesn't change the picture. the economy's come out of the recession, but not like a bull stampeding. just out of the gate. i expect we'll see about same this quarter. less consumer spending on cars. more on holiday sales, so the great e session is over. i think we can sustain economic momentum, but sometimes call it a half speed recovery because normally, you would expect gdp to be growing 6 to 7% and here we are at barely 3. >> so many people discounted it, saying it was juiced by government stimulus. how do you feel about that number? >> let's just take what real gdp was 2.8%. nominal was 3%. this is the majorgic of the bea. the dollar was collapsing. even home prices increased in q3. commodities were up across the board, so how did they get .5% at an annual rate is beyond me. what
, the big issue in technology, the nasdaq was down yesterday because bank of america, merrill lynch downgraded. first, this gives you an overall picture of where the chip stocks are. this was intel, which was hammered yesterday. it's down almost 1% again today. so that's the real story here. technology a clear laggard in the overall market led to the downside by the disappoints earnings from dell. that was on top of a rough day because of the chips as well. >> thank you very much. >>> now, stocks are showing resig yensy in the face of bearish news. so what's next and where should your money be? let's ask jerry and drew -- hello, gentlemen. jerry, start with you. you have some bad news. lousy dell earnings, home foreclosures, weak economic starts. is the glass half full or half empty. >> i think it's half full. we're going to see bad news, a market that's got some flugsuation, but we've got markets that are fairly priced and have some upside of the risk markets. >> look, the stock market is pausing, but is this the pause before the next year end breakout to the upside? >> you could c
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in america, over use water. it's really about water efficiency. if we use the water that we have more efficiently, nobody's going to die. what that does mean is that people are going to have to pay more for less water use. and that's something that a lot of americans aren't used to thinking about. >> michael, there's a water fountain, you know, in so many different public places. it's hard to get your mind around what this really means. does it mean the price of bottled water is going to go up? in foreign countries or third world countries water is going to be harder to come by? >> i don't think we have a whole lot to worry about in the united states. california aside which has its own water issue. globally southeast asia, particularly china has some real water issues over there. they are going to have problems. the cost of water is going to be higher in areas where water is a finite resource. we're pretty spoiled in the united states because water by an large is pretty accessible to us. >> what's the best way to invest for each of you? what's your best idea. debra? >> i actually real
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6